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  • Felix K & upsammy

    16.09.22 @ OHM, Berlin Patterns of Perception returns to OHM for the first time since the pandemic began with a night of vibrant, percussive and unpredictable electronic explorations, provided by guest artists upsammy and Felix K, plus residents. Selected listening upsammy Felix K More info: Facebook / Resident Advisor

  • 100 - Felix K

    For the hundredth chapter of the Patterns of Perception mix series, we're delighted to feature the one and only Felix K. To all of our listeners, we want to say a huge thank you for your support over the past 6+ years! We truly appreciate you all <3 --- As a DJ, producer and label head, Felix K’s singular perspective and approach has been an ongoing source of inspiration across the scene since the early 00's. From seminal work on his own array of imprints to key performances at events around the world (including an unforgettable set at a Patterns of Perception party in 2019), Felix’s vision has been, and continues to be, both influential and indelible. For Patterns of Perception 100, Felix drew upon his vast knowledge (and record collection) to compile an ambitious four-hour mix which traces the spirit and lineage of both fundamental and contemporary sounds across the wider breakbeat/UK scene. Beginning the journey with foundational dub, Felix layers modern counterpoints of breaks, jungle and dnb, in the process highlighting connections, overlaps and inspirations that have taken place across years, generations and eras. The result is almost encyclopaedic in its depth and scope, but with an approachable energy that channels the warmth of mixtape culture. It is a fascinating and compelling undertaking from a true head, with a presence that feels both fresh and timeless. Felix K's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook Twitter Resident Advisor Felix K - Bandcamp Nullpunkt Records - Bandcamp

  • 99 - Sunju Hargun

    As a region, Southeast Asia plays host to a colourful electronic music scene, rich with diverse sounds, landscapes and audiences. In recent years, cross-pollination and collaboration have become important facets of this scene, with inspiration and energy transmitting regularly between cities and crews. Central to many of these exchanges has been Bangkok-based DJ, producer and label-head Sunju Hargun, whose distinctive blend of vibrant, sophisticated psychedelia and the natural sounds of his surroundings have seen him grace stages in clubs, caves, forests, warehouses and castles across Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and onwards into Europe. His current project, Siamese Twins Records, also finds a solid foundation in pan-Asian connections. A platform to explore old-world chants and ceremonial percussion, the label hosts many of Sunju's own works, including Bollywood-inspired acid made as Mogambo and wildly meditative Thai temple drone music as Khun Fluff. Sunju’s Patterns of Perception 99 is a recording from a recent visit to Japan - more specifically from his appearance at a Transcendence party at Circus in Tokyo. Humming with psychedelic movement, this set finds Sunju channelling the intimacy of the venue to great effect, intuitively balancing nostalgic groove, sweaty exotica and cutting-edge trippiness. As we descend further into the mix, it's impossible to not feel a tightening of focus as spiralling energies shimmer and release. "Anything could happen, everything was possible, all is connected" - Sunju's perfectly apt before/during/after summation. Sunju Hargun's Links: SoundCloud Bandcamp Instagram Facebook Resident Advisor Siamese Twins Records - SoundCloud

  • Selections: Psychedelia with Kia, Naone & Steve Duncan

    With our annual ://about blank Summer Edition fast approaching, we invited two of the performing DJs Kia and Naone, plus Patterns resident Steve Duncan to select three tracks that embody their personal interpretations of "psychedelia": an adjective that we use and hear all the time, but one that also feels highly subjective. Ali Moghrani - Exodus The perfect song to set the mood of a mix or a set - its open ended, and I wouldn’t really call it a specific genre…just deep and groovy. - Kia Dienzephalon - Elektroakupunktur I never quite know how to define my “sound” but id say this song gets pretty close to it. I love 90s and early 2000s trance but I never really just play one genre anymore.. this tune works so well blended into so many different directions. This one sums it up perfectly for me, a beautiful deep roller with a warm and euphoric mood. - Kia Kooler ‎– Freefall (Abakus Remix) I was so excited when I found Kooler. It’s an old Sebastian Mullaert moniker, back when he was making psy/prog/breaks in the early 2000s. My sound has evolved a lot from specifically deep techno in the last 4-5 years, and I listen to/ play a lot broader spectrum of trance/breaks/prog now. It made so much sense to me that it was Sebastian Mullaert, because no matter the genre, his productions really speak to me! - Kia Astralasia ‎– Unveria Zekt (Fur Duhel) Follow the hypnotic voice, channel your inner confusion and paranoia. But the beat will keep you grounded. - Naone Intergalactic Federation - Intergalactic Funk Deep cosmic psychedelic track. Feels like you’re drifting in the space… - Naone Insync vs Mysteron - White Plains A dark but also a bright tune, a.k.a. weird music. Timeless and endless. - Naone Rozzo - Zorro's Horse A chunky, yet sultry roller that discombobulates the mind as much as it moves the body. - Steve Deep Space Organisms - Into The Blue A cosmic, kaleidoscope tune takes its time to melt itself into your consciousness. Deep, yet bubbly and euphoric. - Steve Funckarma - Sphere A deep, introspective dive with fluttering percussion paired with that wandering, intergalactic bassline. - Steve Full playlist: Patterns of Perception Summer Edition is taking place on Sunday, July 10 in the ://about blank Garten in Berlin. More info: Website / Facebook / Resident Advisor

  • Summer Edition // Alicia Carrera, Kia, Nali & Naone

    10.07.22 @ ://about blank, Berlin Featuring Alicia Carrera, Kia, Naone & Special Guest Patterns of Perception returns to the leafy surrounds of the ://about blank garden for their annual Summer Edition. Also marking the collective’s sixth birthday, this event will be a vibrant celebration of diverse grooves and psychedelia in the open air, featuring DJ sets from Alicia Carrera, Kia, Naone, residents and a special guest. Selected listening Alicia Carrera Kia Naone More info: Facebook / Resident Advisor

  • 98 - DJ Leoni

    For Amsterdam-based DJ Leoni, rhythm is key. Through residencies at OOST and RRFM, and performances at key events across Europe (including past appearances at Dekmantel Selectors, Zeezout, Wildeburg and Paradigm, with slots at Dekmantel and Zeezout pencilled in for this year), she’s quickly developed her own distinctive understanding of rhythm and texture, from the deep and psychedelic, to the bright and energetic. Patterns of Perception 98 is a perfect summation of DJ Leoni’s fascination and natural aptitude for rhythm. Exploring and interpreting a blend of both faster and half-speed selections, this set glides weightlessly between tempos and grooves; a radiant experience with both power and introspection. And as this mix patiently unfurls, we see the kaleidoscopic become physical, as rhythms and emotions melt. DJ Leoni's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook

  • 97 - Altjira

    Altjira, the new project of Netherlands-born, Berlin-based Marc Leerink, represents the eternal, the uncreated, a being without beginning. Inspired by First Nations’ (Australia) Dreamtime and glimpses into Marc’s own lucid dreams, the selection glides effortlessly through deep, radiant waters, weaving an impressive palette of genres and sounds into a whole that is glitchy, atmospheric, and esoteric yet, somehow, superbly unified and hopeful. With new releases on the horizon, including on Spekki Webu's imprint Mirror Zone, Altjira is a bold new manifestation of a most fascinating artist entering an exciting, ascendant phase, a moment captured exquisitely by Patterns of Perception 97. Altjira's Links: SoundCloud Instagram

  • 96 - Sybil

    For Sybil, embracing diversity and unpredictability comes naturally. With a sound as wide-ranging as it is sleek and vibrant, her careful yet intuitive selections slip smoothly between playfulness and intensity; euphoria and driving energy, covering an array of genres and tempos in the process. A busy DJing schedule has taken Sybil both across the UK (with appearances at Village Underground, Fabric, Glastonbury, and Timedance to name a few), and to respected events and venues around the world, including Berlin Atonal, Berghain’s Säule, the WHOLE Festival, De School (Amsterdam), Brutaż (Warsaw), ZVUK (Almaty) and Honey Soundsystem (San Francisco). Post-pandemic, Sybil has kept busy, playing at local parties across London (including the inaugural Risen festival), as well as hosting off-grid trance raves deep in the British countryside. Her Patterns of Perception 96 is a spirited expedition to the outer edges of consciousness. Simultaneously pulsating and soulful, her selections trace a path through the void, carefully mapping the vast, incomprehensible expanses within. While this mix embraces a darker sonic palette, it carefully shies away from the brutal intensity often associated with darkness. Instead, Sybil’s interpretation is psychedelic and sensuous, guiding us on a journey which is strange, thrilling and ultimately revitalising. Sybil's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook Resident Advisor SoundCloud - Deep Mind Music

  • 95 - Roza Terenzi

    Roza Terenzi has traversed continents, yet her sound as a producer is never quite of this world. Hailing from Australia and now based in Berlin, extensive touring and appearances at a host of electronic music’s most esteemed festivals and venues have only served to strengthen her skills as a producer, with releases on the likes of Dekmantel, Planet Euphorique, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Butter Sessions and her own Step Ball Chain somehow evoking both nostalgia and visions of the future through cosmic atmospherics and warm, alien grooves. Likewise, her Patterns of Perception 95 is luminous, lush and vibrantly nostalgic: like a hazy, sun-bleached postcard from decades past, viewed very much in the here and now. Covering a lot of ground in terms of both tempo and energy - this mix floats effortlessly from downtempo to liquid DNB, from breaks to house and back again, showcasing her effervescent skill and versatility behind the decks. Featuring an array of forthcoming and unreleased material from friends, collaborators and Terenzi herself, the warmth in this uplifting selection stirs hope for the times ahead. Roza Terenzi's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook Resident Advisor Step Ball Chain - SoundCloud

  • 94 - DYL

    DYL is a Romanian DJ and producer whose interpretation of contemporary dnb is both sophisticated and highly effective. Touching a range of tempos and energies, his music finds form amongst smooth, delicate and powerful shades - often all at once. The past years have seen DYL maintain a steady production schedule, with highly regarded releases on imprints such as Translation Recordings, Diffuse Reality, Alpha Cut and Relation Reset; along with key collaborations with DB1, Synkro and Tammo Hesselink. For DYL, Patterns of Perception 94 represents a moment for reflection; a chance to embrace the presence and momentum of his own recent works - both solo and collaborative. And as these propulsive rhythms simmer and blur, moments of true emotion take flight. Introspection glows in the depths, urging us on toward lucidity. DYL's links: Instagram Facebook Bandcamp Resident Advisor

  • 93 - Jasmín

    Amsterdam-based Jasmín is a DJ and radio host renowned for her eclectic, percussion-rich sound. Immersed in a vivid spectrum of bass, breaks, dubstep, acid and techno, she also readily embraces the weird, with a knack for uncovering the most compelling of unexpected oddities. As both a hard-working and in-demand selector, Jasmín has taken the stage at an array of much loved venues and events across the world, including the likes of the Dekmantel, Dekmantel Selectors and Rewire Festivals, De School, Garage Noord, Tresor, Griessmuehle, and New York’s Bossa Nova Civic Club. In recent times, she’s spent time honing her skills in the studio, with her first two track releases being featured on VAs from Dekmantel and Martyn’s 3024 imprint. Jasmín's Patterns of Perception 93 feels simultaneously free-spirited and precise, with its energy and emotion combining to perfectly capture her distinctive sound. Buoyant, expressive rhythms find cathartic release amongst flashes of luminescent energy. Warm, playful atmospheres are actually intensified by pensive, reflective interludes. Past inspirations find reinvigoration alongside feelings and reflections from today. Jasmín's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook Resident Advisor

  • 92 - Marius Bø

    As one of the forces behind Ute Rec and one half of Accelerationism, Oslo based DJ, promoter and label head Marius Bø’s singular, trance-infused sound feels both fresh and profoundly nostalgic. Starting in 2017 with highly curated open air raves in his native Norway as part of the Uteklubb collective, both Marius and the group have continued to evolve, with the inception of their Ute Rec imprint in 2019 representing the fruition of the group's distinctive sound aesthetic. A string of influential releases from Oprofessionell, The Dosadi Experiments and Mikkel Rev, alongside the high-profile Accelerationism CDs that have seen them collaborate with the likes of Alpha Tracks, S.O.N.S. and Sunju Hargun, plus a VA fundraiser alongside Amniote Editions have helped Marius and Ute Rec to quickly garner a global audience, giving them a platform to share their unique vision of psychedelic contemporary trance. Hitting like a deep, rejuvenating breath in the open air, Marius' Patterns of Perception 92 is a pulsating, private moment for emotions and reflections to cascade and flow. Evoking the serene, iridescent embrace of the chill-out room, this mix floats weightlessly in the aether between psychedelic downtempo and ambient trance - a shimmering assembly of textures and inspirations, both new and old. It is a space for closed eyes, kaleidoscopic perception and slow heart rates - a tonic for the mind, body and soul. Marius Bø's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Ute Rec - SoundCloud Instagram - Ute Rec

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