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94 - DYL

DYL is a Romanian DJ and producer whose interpretation of contemporary dnb is both sophisticated and highly effective. Touching a range of tempos and energies, his music finds form amongst smooth, delicate and powerful shades - often all at once.

The past years have seen DYL maintain a steady production schedule, with highly regarded releases on imprints such as Translation Recordings, Diffuse Reality, Alpha Cut and Relation Reset; along with key collaborations with DB1, Synkro and Tammo Hesselink.

For DYL, Patterns of Perception 94 represents a moment for reflection; a chance to embrace the presence and momentum of his own recent works - both solo and collaborative. And as these propulsive rhythms simmer and blur, moments of true emotion take flight. Introspection glows in the depths, urging us on toward lucidity.

DYL's links: Instagram Facebook Bandcamp Resident Advisor

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