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96 - Sybil

For Sybil, embracing diversity and unpredictability comes naturally. With a sound as wide-ranging as it is sleek and vibrant, her careful yet intuitive selections slip smoothly between playfulness and intensity; euphoria and driving energy, covering an array of genres and tempos in the process.

A busy DJing schedule has taken Sybil both across the UK (with appearances at Village Underground, Fabric, Glastonbury, and Timedance to name a few), and to respected events and venues around the world, including Berlin Atonal, Berghain’s Säule, the WHOLE Festival, De School (Amsterdam), Brutaż (Warsaw), ZVUK (Almaty) and Honey Soundsystem (San Francisco). Post-pandemic, Sybil has kept busy, playing at local parties across London (including the inaugural Risen festival), as well as hosting off-grid trance raves deep in the British countryside.

Her Patterns of Perception 96 is a spirited expedition to the outer edges of consciousness. Simultaneously pulsating and soulful, her selections trace a path through the void, carefully mapping the vast, incomprehensible expanses within. While this mix embraces a darker sonic palette, it carefully shies away from the brutal intensity often associated with darkness. Instead, Sybil’s interpretation is psychedelic and sensuous, guiding us on a journey which is strange, thrilling and ultimately revitalising.


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