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About Patterns of Perception

Formed in Berlin in 2016, Patterns of Perception is the coming together of six friends with one shared vision: to cultivate compelling, visionary electronic music.

A regular party with homes at OHM Berlin and ://about.blank, as well as a mix series and zine, we are focused on unearthing new creators while also celebrating the established masters. Across these spaces, we have hosted such artists as Marco Shuttle, Jane Fitz, re:ni, Felix K, Peter Van Hoesen, Grand River, Svreca, Aleksi Perälä, Konduku, Eli Verveine, Patrick Russell, Eric Cloutier, Cio D'or, Peverelist, natural/electronic.system and more.

With deep roots in the electronic music community, a commitment to inclusivity, and a forward-thinking musical vision, Patterns of Perception is a platform beyond the music itself.


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The Collective

Andreas Maan: RAFBSC
Bianca Shu: SC
Hysteria: RA - FBSC
Kim Bergstrand: RASC
Steve Duncan: RAFBSC
Zilka Grogan: SC

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