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99 - Sunju Hargun

As a region, Southeast Asia plays host to a colourful electronic music scene, rich with diverse sounds, landscapes and audiences. In recent years, cross-pollination and collaboration have become important facets of this scene, with inspiration and energy transmitting regularly between cities and crews. Central to many of these exchanges has been Bangkok-based DJ, producer and label-head Sunju Hargun, whose distinctive blend of vibrant, sophisticated psychedelia and the natural sounds of his surroundings have seen him grace stages in clubs, caves, forests, warehouses and castles across Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and onwards into Europe.

His current project, Siamese Twins Records, also finds a solid foundation in pan-Asian connections. A platform to explore old-world chants and ceremonial percussion, the label hosts many of Sunju's own works, including Bollywood-inspired acid made as Mogambo and wildly meditative Thai temple drone music as Khun Fluff.

Sunju’s Patterns of Perception 99 is a recording from a recent visit to Japan - more specifically from his appearance at a Transcendence party at Circus in Tokyo. Humming with psychedelic movement, this set finds Sunju channelling the intimacy of the venue to great effect, intuitively balancing nostalgic groove, sweaty exotica and cutting-edge trippiness. As we descend further into the mix, it's impossible to not feel a tightening of focus as spiralling energies shimmer and release.

"Anything could happen, everything was possible, all is connected" - Sunju's perfectly apt before/during/after summation.


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