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  • Abby Echiverri joins the Patterns of Perception label

    Bunker New York luminary Abby Echiverri joins the Patterns of Perception imprint with Deformation, a diverse collection of playfully psychedelic techno tracks infused with radiant cosmic energy. Produced during an introspective period mid-pandemic, Abby drew inspiration from the captivating physics simulations her partner was working on at the time, ultimately imbuing the music with an ethereal atmosphere that permeates the entire EP, and from which the tracks derive their names. PTN03 presents a cohesive yet diverse collection of tracks, blending psychedelic energy with delicate and profound moments. Abby's music carries an almost hopeful quality, with drum programming that leans towards groove and shuffle, and the incorporation of diminished chords and progressions that pose questions to the listener. Deformation is an intricate record that showcases Abby Echiverri's distinctive, three-dimensional approach to techno: one that never feels oppressive but rather calls to mind a sense of exploration and freedom. This is the fourth release on the Patterns of Perception label, following vinyl releases from Australian producer Nali and Helsinki’s HOMI, and last year's VA compilation release Future Patterns. The label showcases the playful, psychedelic and warm musical direction that guests have come to expect from Patterns of Perception’s long-running podcast and event series. PTN03 was mastered in Berlin by Patterns of Perception’s Andreas Maan, with artwork by fellow collective member Ray Pham. The release will be out on vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp on June 21. Pre-order your copy now via Bandcamp.

  • Solid Blake & Sybil

    03.02.22 @ OHM, Berlin The pulse of the night is calling. On Friday, Feb 3, Patterns of Perception kicks off 2023 with a genre-agnostic lineup, Solid Blake and Sybil, two artists exploring the hidden shades of techno, from burning percussion to dreamy euphoria. Bringing it full circle, residents Steve Duncan & Andreas Maan will open & close the party respectively with their heady, wide-ranging grooves. Selected listening Solid Blake Sybil More info: Facebook / Resident Advisor

  • 106 - Aaron J

    The first Patterns of Perception mix of 2023 comes from a luminous presence and dear friend of our collective - label head, mix series curator, promoter and esteemed selector Aaron J. Over the years, a combination of passion, openness and tireless energy has seen Aaron become a trusted voice for experimental, boundary-pushing electronic music across both the US and the wider scene. Founded over eight years ago, Aaron’s much-loved platform Sure Thing is the embodiment of his forward-thinking curation and clarity of vision. Now based in Brooklyn, Sure Thing started as a series of parties in San Francisco before growing outward, later blossoming into a renowned mix series and record label. As a DJ, Aaron’s level of empathy and attention-to-detail are unmistakeable, allowing him to deeply connect with the dance floor no matter the context - layering, building and driving emotions ever onwards. Aaron J's Patterns of Perception 106 is both radiant and personal - an idyllic snapshot of the perfect dance floor, glowing with wide-eyed energy. Pensive darkness simmers into hedonistic psychedelia. Intensity turns reflective. Endless rhythms vibrate and flare into nurturing light. Links: Aaron J - SoundCloud Aaron J - Instagram Sure Thing - SoundCloud Sure Thing - Bandcamp Sure Thing - Facebook

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  • Events | Patterns/Perception

    Next event No events announced at the moment! Previous events Jan 22 Solid Blake & Sybil Nov 18, 2022 Future Patterns Release Night Aug 25, 2022 Felix K & upsammy Jun 26, 2022 Summer Edition // Alicia Carrera, Kia, Nali & Naone Nov 2, 2021 Label Launch // Mor Elian, Pessimist, Tobias, Mattikk, Solid Traveller, AWC & Kynant Rec Jul 4, 2021 Sektgarten // Vlada, GiGi FM & Konduku Feb 29, 2020 Winter Edition // Peverelist, Shifted, Konduku, SO, Antonio Giova & Lara Palmer Dec 6, 2019 Lux & natural/electronic.system. Oct 25, 2019 Eric Cloutier B2B Jane Fitz Oct 19, 2019 Cyspe, Eric Cloutier, Peter Van Hoesen, SO & Tatsuoki Aug 11, 2019 Summer Edition // Acronym, Kia & Petar Dundov Jun 28, 2019 Avancera (Dorisburg & Kalawila) May 3, 2019 Three Years // Aleksi Perälä (live), Caim, Cio D'Or, Eli Verveine, Felix K, Eric Cloutier Mar 29, 2019 Nuel & Grand River Dec 14, 2018 Peter Van Hoesen & Nali (live) Sep 27, 2018 Sidney & Suleiman Jun 28, 2018 Albrecht La'brooy (live), Claudio Fabrianesi & Roman Ćinske May 4, 2018 Two Years //Polar Inertia, Patrick Russell, John Osborn, natural/electronic.system, Laura BCR, re:ni Feb 9, 2018 Agonis, Jacopo & Paula Koski Dec 1, 2017 Wa Wu We (live) Sep 21, 2017 Fjäder, Cyspe (live), Consumer-Refund (live) Jun 15, 2017 Amandra (live) & A.Brehme May 21, 2017 One Year // Svreca, natural/electronic.system. & Jin Mustafa Feb 10, 2017 Volte-Face & Kalawila Dec 2, 2016 Ben Buitendijk & Tom Liem Sep 23, 2016 Artefakt & Refracted Jun 17, 2016 Peter Van Hoesen & Yuka Apr 21, 2016 Marco Shuttle & natural/electronic.system.

  • Home | Patterns/Perception

    Introducing: Future Patterns Read more Magazine Introducing Future Patterns: Annual VA series with Minimal Collective A chat with HOMI HOMI and VC-118A step up for the Patterns of Perception label Selections: 150bpm+ with upsammy & Steve Duncan A chat with Felix K Selections: Psychedelia with Kia, Naone & Steve Duncan More articles Mix series Jan 10 106 - Aaron J Dec 13, 2022 105 - KMRU Nov 8, 2022 104 - Blume More mixes Next party No events announced at the moment! See previous events From the archives Oct 1, 2021 A chat with Spekki Webu It might come as a surprise that Spekki Webu has his roots in the worlds of both jungle and gabber. But once you know, you start to hear...

  • Releases | Patterns/Perception

    Releases Nov 17, 2022 Introducing Future Patterns: Annual VA series with Minimal Collective Oct 20, 2022 HOMI and VC-118A step up for the Patterns of Perception label Oct 26, 2021 Introducing the Patterns of Perception record label

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