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100 - Felix K

For the hundredth chapter of the Patterns of Perception mix series, we're delighted to feature the one and only Felix K. To all of our listeners, we want to say a huge thank you for your support over the past 6+ years! We truly appreciate you all <3


As a DJ, producer and label head, Felix K’s singular perspective and approach has been an ongoing source of inspiration across the scene since the early 00's. From seminal work on his own array of imprints to key performances at events around the world (including an unforgettable set at a Patterns of Perception party in 2019), Felix’s vision has been, and continues to be, both influential and indelible.

For Patterns of Perception 100, Felix drew upon his vast knowledge (and record collection) to compile an ambitious four-hour mix which traces the spirit and lineage of both fundamental and contemporary sounds across the wider breakbeat/UK scene. Beginning the journey with foundational dub, Felix layers modern counterpoints of breaks, jungle and dnb, in the process highlighting connections, overlaps and inspirations that have taken place across years, generations and eras. The result is almost encyclopaedic in its depth and scope, but with an approachable energy that channels the warmth of mixtape culture. It is a fascinating and compelling undertaking from a true head, with a presence that feels both fresh and timeless.


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