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98 - DJ Leoni

For Amsterdam-based DJ Leoni, rhythm is key. Through residencies at OOST and RRFM, and performances at key events across Europe (including past appearances at Dekmantel Selectors, Zeezout, Wildeburg and Paradigm, with slots at Dekmantel and Zeezout pencilled in for this year), she’s quickly developed her own distinctive understanding of rhythm and texture, from the deep and psychedelic, to the bright and energetic.

Patterns of Perception 98 is a perfect summation of DJ Leoni’s fascination and natural aptitude for rhythm. Exploring and interpreting a blend of both faster and half-speed selections, this set glides weightlessly between tempos and grooves; a radiant experience with both power and introspection. And as this mix patiently unfurls, we see the kaleidoscopic become physical, as rhythms and emotions melt.

DJ Leoni's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook


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