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95 - Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi has traversed continents, yet her sound as a producer is never quite of this world. Hailing from Australia and now based in Berlin, extensive touring and appearances at a host of electronic music’s most esteemed festivals and venues have only served to strengthen her skills as a producer, with releases on the likes of Dekmantel, Planet Euphorique, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Butter Sessions and her own Step Ball Chain somehow evoking both nostalgia and visions of the future through cosmic atmospherics and warm, alien grooves. Likewise, her Patterns of Perception 95 is luminous, lush and vibrantly nostalgic: like a hazy, sun-bleached postcard from decades past, viewed very much in the here and now. Covering a lot of ground in terms of both tempo and energy - this mix floats effortlessly from downtempo to liquid DNB, from breaks to house and back again, showcasing her effervescent skill and versatility behind the decks. Featuring an array of forthcoming and unreleased material from friends, collaborators and Terenzi herself, the warmth in this uplifting selection stirs hope for the times ahead. Roza Terenzi's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook Resident Advisor Step Ball Chain - SoundCloud


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