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  • Zilka Grogan

Selections: Psychedelia with Kia, Naone & Steve Duncan

With our annual ://about blank Summer Edition fast approaching, we invited two of the performing DJs Kia and Naone, plus Patterns resident Steve Duncan to select three tracks that embody their personal interpretations of "psychedelia": an adjective that we use and hear all the time, but one that also feels highly subjective.


Ali Moghrani - Exodus

The perfect song to set the mood of a mix or a set - its open ended, and I wouldn’t really call it a specific genre…just deep and groovy. - Kia

Dienzephalon - Elektroakupunktur

I never quite know how to define my “sound” but id say this song gets pretty close to it. I love 90s and early 2000s trance but I never really just play one genre anymore.. this tune works so well blended into so many different directions. This one sums it up perfectly for me, a beautiful deep roller with a warm and euphoric mood. - Kia

Kooler ‎– Freefall (Abakus Remix)

I was so excited when I found Kooler. It’s an old Sebastian Mullaert moniker, back when he was making psy/prog/breaks in the early 2000s. My sound has evolved a lot from specifically deep techno in the last 4-5 years, and I listen to/ play a lot broader spectrum of trance/breaks/prog now. It made so much sense to me that it was Sebastian Mullaert, because no matter the genre, his productions really speak to me! - Kia

Astralasia ‎– Unveria Zekt (Fur Duhel)

Follow the hypnotic voice, channel your inner confusion and paranoia. But the beat will keep you grounded. - Naone

Intergalactic Federation - Intergalactic Funk

Deep cosmic psychedelic track. Feels like you’re drifting in the space… - Naone

Insync vs Mysteron - White Plains

A dark but also a bright tune, a.k.a. weird music. Timeless and endless. - Naone

Rozzo - Zorro's Horse

A chunky, yet sultry roller that discombobulates the mind as much as it moves the body. - Steve

Deep Space Organisms - Into The Blue

A cosmic, kaleidoscope tune takes its time to melt itself into your consciousness. Deep, yet bubbly and euphoric. - Steve

Funckarma - Sphere

A deep, introspective dive with fluttering percussion paired with that wandering, intergalactic bassline. - Steve


Full playlist:


Patterns of Perception Summer Edition is taking place on Sunday, July 10 in the ://about blank Garten in Berlin.


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