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  • Zilka Grogan

Introducing the Patterns of Perception record label

Like so many in our community, the past two years have given us pause for reflection and a chance to think about our collective’s future. We formed Patterns of Perception with the mission to cultivate compelling, visionary electronic music. This week, we take the next step in fulfilling that vision – with the launch of our record label.


What began as a series of club nights has gradually evolved into a wide-reaching platform encompassing events, a mix series and an online magazine so, to us, a record label feels like a natural progression. With our label, we want to capture the sound honed at our parties and to provide our community of artists with the space and freedom to expand on that musical vision, while also creating a permanent record of it.

Much like a Patterns of Perception event, mix or interview, each release on the label provides a platform for artists with a close personal connection to our collective to tell their story. It is a showcase of the playful, psychedelic and vibrant musical direction that you would hear at our parties, and gives voice to the community of artists and friends with whom we have shared booths and dance floors alike over the past half decade.

We could not think of a more fitting artist for the first Patterns of Perception release than Nali. A talented Australian producer, we met Nali at one of our first events many years ago and have been good friends ever since. Our collaboration with him is longstanding: he was one of the first contributors to our mix series and played a very special live set for us at OHM in Berlin back in December 2018. His Chance Encounters EP features four tracks of spacious, intricate grooves that dance and parry with luxuriant synths and infectious, acid-tinged basslines. It’s sunny, warm and, to this largely Australian collective, sounds a bit like home.

As with every Patterns of Perception project, the label has been a true collaboration. The record was mastered in Berlin by Patterns of Perception crew member Andreas Maan, with artwork by fellow crew member Ray Pham. A huge thank you is also due to those who have supported us in getting the label off the ground: Thijs van de Wijngaert at nomorewords for the constant support and guidance, Intakt for their diligence and attention to detail with the pressing and production of the vinyl release, Clone for the distribution and, above all, Nali for the music.

Lastly, we could not be more grateful for the support of our community of dancers, listeners and friends. Without your unflagging enthusiasm for our musical vision, this project would never have come into existence or blossomed into its current form. We hope you enjoy the music.

PTN01 will be available in record stores and digitally via Bandcamp and other platforms on November 15. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for more details and pre-orders.


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