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  • Zilka Grogan

HOMI and VC-118A step up for the Patterns of Perception label

The second release on our label is a small snapshot of the Finnish scene: a collection of fast, psychedelic techno from Helsinki artist HOMI with a slow-burning remix from VC-118A.


Pre-orders available here. Recorded at his studio space in Helsinki, HOMI’s Välitila EP begins with three tracks of percussive, acid-tinged techno, primed for peak time. The B-side features a remix of the title track Välitila from Dutch-born and now Finland-based VC-118A, delivering a winding, slow-burning counterweight to Homi’s dancefloor-oriented original. The digital edition includes a bonus fifth track of quirky breakbeat techno from HOMI titled SmallBisnes.

Inspired by fast ‘90s techno in the vein of Detroit legend Rod Modell, the record is at turns delicate yet powerful, high energy yet melancholic. It also marks a turning point for HOMI (real name Harri Homi), coinciding with a shift away from a pure jamming approach and an expansion of his music-making techniques in studio, adding greater depth and complexity to his output.

The release itself came about after Patterns of Perception crew members Steve Duncan and Kim Bergstrand saw Harri perform at an event in Helsinki before the pandemic hit. His performance was a real standout: delicate, detailed, percussive and psychedelic, yet with groove and power. They connected after the set, and Steve and Harri have gone on to spend many hours together in the studio since.

This is the second release on our label since we launched a year ago with the Chance Encounters EP from Australian producer Nali. Our goal with the label is to showcase the playful, psychedelic and warm musical direction that our community has come to expect of our other platforms, including the mix series and events. Showcasing artists like Nali and HOMI is very much in keeping with the label ethos of creating a platform for up-and-coming artists to share their stories and musical vision.

PTN02 was mastered in Berlin by Patterns of Perception’s Andreas Maan, with artwork by fellow collective member Ray Pham. The release will be available in record stores and digitally on November 4.

Pre-order your copy now via Bandcamp.


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