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111 - Erika

“Vivid” and “otherworldly” are words sometimes used to try and describe Erika’s singular sound. Combining a fresh, forward-thinking approach with a strong connection to her roots and the wider scene, Erika has become an influential presence in the years since she was first gifted a TR-606 by BMG and invited to join Ectomorph.

As a producer, her work is grounded in techno and electro, but often goes much further afield, incorporating rough textures and abstract kaleidoscopic experimentation to great effect. Alongside long-time collaborators BMG and Amber, she runs the highly-regarded label Interdimensional Transmissions. This platform has allowed her to delve deep on a sonic level through a string of impactful solo and collaborative releases, while also overseeing and contributing to legendary Detroit events Samhain, No Way Back and Return to the Source.

The majesty in Erika’s Patterns of Perception 111 comes as much from its restraint as it does from its vibrancy. Layers of rhythm and percussion swirl and elevate, revealing intricate new patterns at every juncture. And while Erika’s expert pacing and evocative atmospheres offer a sense of low-slung sophistication, a subtle, raw energy builds, bristling just under the surface.


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