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107 - Naone

Originally from Seoul, South Korea but now based in Amsterdam, Naone is a producer and DJ whose infectious sounds draw inspiration from the energy of the 90s, coloured with off-kilter shades of trance, acid, techno and ambient.

Beyond her residencies on Radio Radio FM and EOS Radio, Naone has stirred audiences at festivals and events across the Netherlands and Europe, taking in the likes of Dekmantel, Zeezout, De School and Macadam. On the production front, Naone has kept busy with contributions to releases on One Eye Witness, Dekmantel and Warning following her debut EP on Uttu Club and her infamous joint EP with S.O.N.S..

Her appearance at our garden party last summer was truly memorable, and we’re excited to welcome Naone back into the Patterns of Perception fold :)

Naone's Patterns of Perception 107 is a warm, mind-expanding excursion which intuitively finds connections between dark, psychedelic grooves of the 90s and the present. Carefully structured and paced, this set oscillates between hazy downtempo and pulsating beats, with a flow that always feels one step ahead. Endless rhythms punctuated by rolling, reverberant percussion. Kaleidoscopic vistas waxing, whirling and eventually, evaporating.


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