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  • Zilka Grogan

Abby Echiverri joins the Patterns of Perception label

Bunker New York luminary Abby Echiverri joins the Patterns of Perception imprint with Deformation, a diverse collection of playfully psychedelic techno tracks infused with radiant cosmic energy.


Produced during an introspective period mid-pandemic, Abby drew inspiration from the captivating physics simulations her partner was working on at the time, ultimately imbuing the music with an ethereal atmosphere that permeates the entire EP, and from which the tracks derive their names.

PTN03 presents a cohesive yet diverse collection of tracks, blending psychedelic energy with delicate and profound moments. Abby's music carries an almost hopeful quality, with drum programming that leans towards groove and shuffle, and the incorporation of diminished chords and progressions that pose questions to the listener.

Deformation is an intricate record that showcases Abby Echiverri's distinctive, three-dimensional approach to techno: one that never feels oppressive but rather calls to mind a sense of exploration and freedom.

This is the fourth release on the Patterns of Perception label, following vinyl releases from Australian producer Nali and Helsinki’s HOMI, and last year's VA compilation release Future Patterns. The label showcases the playful, psychedelic and warm musical direction that guests have come to expect from Patterns of Perception’s long-running podcast and event series.

PTN03 was mastered in Berlin by Patterns of Perception’s Andreas Maan, with artwork by fellow collective member Ray Pham. The release will be out on vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp on June 21.

Pre-order your copy now via Bandcamp.


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