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113 - Abby Echiverri

Previews for Abby Echiverri's "Deformation" EP here.

Abby Echiverri is a multi-talented producer, musician, DJ, VJ and sound engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. Since discovering her music via "Ab Initio" (her 2018 EP on The Bunker NY), our collective have been followers and fans of Abby and the refined yet vibrantly contrasting qualities of her sound.

Always looking ahead, Abby's explorative approach has a knack of finding intelligent interplays between elements; groove and psychedelic abstraction, lushness and angularity. But most compelling is the naturally hopeful quality that underpins much of her work, providing a sense of freedom and playfulness.

Needless to say, we're very excited to welcome Abby onto the Patterns of Perception imprint for our third release - her "Deformation" EP.

And so, Abby Echiverri's Patterns of Perception 113 is a celebration. For this, she has prepared a special hybrid live/DJ set which both channels and expands on the energy and spirit from her release. Bold, diverse rhythms thrum within a kaleidoscopic haze. Sleek energy escalates, approaching catharsis. A cosmic radiance shifts, glancing ever upward.


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