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88 - Nali

Back in December, 2018, we had the pleasure of hosting a special live set from Australian producer Nali at a party at OHM, Berlin. Nic is not only a supremely talented producer, but also a close friend of our collective, and someone who has been a part of our journey from the very start. His performance was a true highlight of the night and its careful pacing, delicate melodies and understated power have stayed clear in our memories ever since.

Indeed, over time this live set has grown to become an important reference point for us, as it naturally formed the basis of our first EP release with Nic. Together, we have dived into these memorable 90 minutes time and time again, drawing direct inspiration for the tracks on the release from the music and ideas presented within.

As we prepare to release our first record - Nali's Chance Encounters EP - we’re happy to share a recording of the live set that brought this release into being. We hope you can feel (or relive) the energy and electricity that inspired us to embark on this journey together.


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