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56 – Mattikk

Amsterdam-based DJ Mattikk began collecting records in the heady years of the mid-2000s. Although he found himself initially attracted to genres as diverse as hardcore, industrial, breakcore and jungle, his tastes soon widened even further to encompass dubstep, techno, and everything in between.

Over time, his deep musical knowledge and passion for the scene naturally saw him gravitate towards work in the industry, taking up a label manager/A&R role for the legendary Dutch imprint Delsin Records – a position that he still occupies today.As a seasoned DJ, Mattikk has held down with residencies at Amsterdam’s Studio 80 and Shelter clubs, as well as hosting a monthly show on Red Light Radio. His reputation for envelope-pushing, genre-bending, hypnotic and weird selections has seen him perform at some of the world’s most iconic techno clubs and festivals, including Berghain, De School, Trouw, Dekmantel and Bassiani. Next year promises to be an exciting one for Mattikk, with the inception of his own Delsin sub-label, with releases planned from Forest Drive West and natural/electronic.system., among others.

Building from an initially slow tempo to form a steadily intensifying collage of eclectic selections, Mattikk’s Patterns of Perception 56 is not only cohesive, but also utterly compelling.


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