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50 - Peter Van Hoesen

As an electronic music artist, Peter Van Hoesen needs little introduction.

A techno veteran renowned for his innovation and creativity, Peter has spent his career balancing the cerebral and the physical, in line with his ethos of producing ‘mental body music’. Most recently, his musical inspiration has come from the halcyon days of the Belgian electronic music scene in the 1990s.

This new focus was the result of a period of self-reflection for Peter, in which he determined that the mental side was starting to outweigh the physical in both his own music and within segments of the wider techno scene. To bring the balance back, he started the Center 91 label, and upped the urgency, groove and BPMs of his world-spanning DJ sets.

Patterns of Perception 50 is a snapshot of Peter’s refreshed, idyllic vision of techno, an intricate tapestry of visceral psychedelia and compelling rhythms. It perfectly captures and illustrates the balance of mind and body music that has been the cornerstone of his work to date.

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