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47 – Lou Drago

Perpetually obsessed with proving the futility of binaries, Lou Drago is drawn to the spaces between analogue and synthesised sounds. In their sets, Drago aims to provide a space for contemplation and introspection, offering a pause from the anxiety of neoliberalism through ambient, strange and relaxing sounds. They aim to summon imagery of speculative queer and postgendered futurities through evoking sci-fi, space, drone and ambience. Drago hosts a monthly show on Cashmere Radio based in Berlin called TRANSIENCE, each time inviting a different artist to respond to their concept to create an hour of anxiety relief from hetero-patriarchial systems of oppression.

In Patterns of Perception 47, Drago fuses all these elements into a masterfully lucid kaleidoscope of vivid textures and colours punctuated by shimmering spaces.


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