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43 – Eluize

Eluize is many things: a producer, DJ, and label head, whose passions over the years have ranged from maths to (more recently) motherhood – both of which and more she discusses in an upcoming interview with us. Her label, Night Tide, whose mission is deep melodic underground electronic music, has released music from Albrecht La’Brooy, Ena Cosovic, and Hans Berg.

Based in Berlin but with a foot still firmly grounded in her hometown of Adelaide, Eluize’s productions and mixes span techno, house, acid and more, fuse acoustic instrumentation with synths and machines, creating textures that are spacious, euphoric and rhythmically alluring.

Her Patterns of Perception 43 is at once precise, vivid and lush, a perfect antidote to the gathering darkness of Berlin’s coming winter.


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