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37 – Agonis

Basel-based Agonis runs Amenthia Recordings alongside label partner Garçon. Fusing depth, rhythm, and echoes of Detroit, his DJ and live sets alike are captivating, at once both subtle and forward.

Following his transcendent live performance at Patterns of Perception earlier in the year, Agonis has taken his vision to audiences around the world, performing at key festivals and parties in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland where he is a resident of the famed Elysia club.

On the production front, he has been similarly prolific, helping to inaugurate Smoke Machine’s record label with the contribution of two tracks to its debut EP, plus overseeing the release of Amenthia’s sixth EP – a debut from fellow Basler, and one-third of Varuna, Tafeit.

In Patterns of Perception 37, Agonis delivers a discerning selection designed to be equally enjoyed at home or on the dancefloor, constructed around the concept of bending time.


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