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34 – Wanderwelle

Hailing from Amsterdam, Wanderwelle’s unique brand of invigorating, meditative deep electronica has quickly made a mark internationally. Their creative output is intricate and well-considered, with each release featuring field recordings and deep-lying concepts which draw inspiration from folklore and natural environments. Following on from releases on Silent Season – including the acclaimed “Lost in a Sea of Trees” from 2017 – the duo has increased their exposure, performing at Isotoop in the Rotterdam, Tresor in Berlin and an upcoming debut outdoor set at Croatia’s Modem Festival. Along with this, their contribution to Grand River’s One Instrument project found its way onto vinyl earlier this year.

For their contribution to Patterns of Perception, the duo explore a range of sounds – from lush ambience and deep techno to experimental electronica – that translate impeccably into a single, cohesive yet wide-ranging narrative.Their next LP “Gathering of the Ancient Spirits” (also on Silent Season) is slated for release later this summer.

Wanderwelle Links: SoundCloud


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