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13 – Ichinen

Italian producers Roberto Bosco and Kiny are Ichinen, an experimental techno project reflecting their long-standing friendship and complementary musical styles. After years spent focusing on their solo work, the duo first earned acclaim for last year’s A Morning Without Glory, a dance floor-oriented EP with remixes from techno heavyweights Dasha Rush and Etapp Kyle.

Since then, their music has taken a more experimental turn. As long-time friends but more recent collaborators, Bosco and Kiny set up their label Last Drop Records to release the kind of music both were craving to make. Their first LP Dual Craters, set for release on March 31 2017, fuses Bosco’s rhythmic elements with Kiny’s more experimental sounds.

Ahead of the release, Bosco and Kiny put together this live set for Patterns of Perception. With it, they explore the elements that bring Ichinen to life: hazy dub, sun-drenched reverb and subtly driving percussion.

We also sat down with the duo for a chat about what made them switch from techno made for the dance floor to the dubby, experimental ambient that characterises Dual Craters.


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