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05 – Ascorbite

The fifth Patterns of Perception mix is a deep and driving techno affair by Ascorbite. 

Residing in the south of Sweden, Ascorbite has since his debut release in 2014 kept himself busy with producing and DJing as well as taking care of his own label, Corseque Records. The first Corseque EP called ‘Subarctic’ received excellent feedback and playtime from artists like Stephanie Sykes, Laurent Garnier, Andreas Tilliander and Inter Gritty when it came out late 2015. In a few months the label’s second 12” drops, but you can already hear two of the tracks in this mix.

Tracklist: 1. Yuka – Elemet X (Original Mix) [Fullpanda] 2. Sebastian Zond – Aire (Original Mix) [Swing Format Records] 3. Hironori Takahashi – Texalist (Original Mix) [Arts] 4. Miki Craven – Gargantua (Original Mix) [Unknown Territory] 5. Dorian Gray – Nyctophilia (Original Mix) [Android Muziq] 6. Upcoming Anders Hellberg release 7. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann – Snakes (Electrorites & Deh-Noizer Remix) [Amalgame Rec] 8. Andrea (IT) – Machine (Original Mix) [Illian Tape] 9. Forest People & Marion Cobretti – Toilet Stories (Original Mix) [Ragnarök] 10. Upcoming Anders Hellberg release 11. Dold – Sfär (Original Mix) [Float Records] 12. Parallx – Bruised (Original Mix) [MODUL] 13. Dold – Untitled86 14. Ascorbite – Spor Crawler (Original Mix) [Corseque Records] 15. Jay Wong – Mutant Algorithm (Original Mix) [We Call It Hard Records] 16. Ascorbite – Draug (Original Mix)  17. Ascorbite – Mara (Original Mix) [Corseque Records]


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