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89 - GiGi FM

As an artist, GiGi-fm ’s energy and vision is unmistakeable. Known for truly wide-ranging and eclectic selections, and her electric presence in the booth - her sets feel unpredictable, warm and inviting all at once. Underpinned by psychedelic, transcendent atmospheres and rhythms, her sounds expand organically in all directions, with shades of techno, electro, breaks, house, IDM, ambient and more used in vivid, kaleidoscopic and unexpected combinations. Recorded live at our party from this past summer, GiGi’s Patterns of Perception 89 perfectly embodies her indelible energy. As a closing set, this was a blistering performance that left the audience totally transfixed over the course of two and half blissful hours. Capturing spontaneity, improvisation, diversity and vibrancy, this set had a profound, lasting impact on all those present, and we’re pleased to be able to share this recording. GiGi's Links: SoundCloud Instagram Facebook


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