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87 - Ultra Low Velocity

Ultra Low Velocity is a new project formed by French DJs and producers Antoine and A Strange Wedding. Revelling in slow-burning and intensely psychedelic rhythms and atmospheres, the duo’s distinctive, shamanistic sound evokes the sensation of time being warped, whilst embracing sudden changes of sounds and feelings, from dynamic to vapourous.

As individual artists, the two have made their impact on both the French and European stage thanks to creative output on labels such as Worst Recordings and Krakzh, as well as their involvement in Saint Etienne’s Positive Education Festival. Kicking off their Ultra Low Velocity project in early 2021 with an EP release on Krakzh, the duo have since had a busy post-lockdown period, taking the stage at festivals and parties across France, including at the Visions and Atom Festivals, a Krakzh label night in Rennes, and soon, the upcoming fifth edition of the Positive Education Festival.

For Patterns of Perception 87, Ultra Low Velocity have shared a snapshot of their arresting current hybrid set. Although each of their performances is unique, this recording is a perfect summation of the carefully sculpted, uniquely energetic and kaleidoscopic nature of their sound. Building from a trippy, experimental-leaning start, this set moves confidently through genres, moods and time signatures, reaching its crescendo with free-wheeling, euphoric abandon.

Ultra Low Velocity's Links: SoundCloud Facebook


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