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86 - Spekki Webu

Shaped at the intersection of genres, feelings, spaces and even eras, Spekki Webu’s distinctive vision is an entrancing and truly innovative presence within the contemporary electronic music landscape. Years in the gabber scene and as a junglist in and around his hometown of Delft have pushed his sound in mind-bending, raw, and infinitely inventive directions, deftly dancing between mesmerising slow motion and breakneck 90s rave velocity.

In recent years, his shamanistic sound has expanded the minds of partygoers across Europe, with appearances at festivals and clubs including Dekmantel, Zeezout, Solstice and Crave to De School, The Pickle Factory, Het Magazijn, Elysia and Corsica Studios. Meanwhile, his own imprint Mirror Zone was founded in 2017, providing a platform for his deep musical introspections and inspirations to come to fruition.

Spekki’s indelible Patterns of Perception 86 is a deep, intricately crafted and truly mental trip, moving with fleet-footed assuredness between textures and emotions both lucid and obscure. Throughout its 100+ minutes, this set takes us on an odyssey into another dimension where introspective, experimental textures unfold, giving way to urgent, yet profoundly psychedelic rhythms. Stemming from a period of intense experimentation, collaboration and inspiration in the studio, this mix strikes a deeply personal note, embodying a spiritual journey of passion and emotion.

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