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85 - Nicole

Nicole is one of the most exciting artists to have emerged from Tbilisi’s legendary electronic music scene in recent years. Having been active as a DJ since the age of 17, she has carved out a niche in Georgia and throughout Europe with her energetic, emotive sets that range from old-school acid techno through intelligent minimal and beyond.

Her Boiler Room set at local institution Bassiani in 2018, which celebrated that venue’s reopening following a wave of protests against raids and shutdowns of Tbilisi’s club scene, cemented Nicole as one of Georgia’s foremost DJs and producers. She has gone on to release her first solo EP through Marco Shuttle’s label, Eerie Records, and her track “Luna” featured earlier this year on Nina Kraviz’s трип (Trip Recordings) compilation, Hot Steel. This mix for Patterns of Perception explores a range of musical dimensions, taking an expedition into kaleidoscopic, experimental sonic spaces.


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