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78 - Lux

With roots in Leipzig and her current home, Berlin, Lux’s profile has been steadily growing over recent years. Following a 2019 that saw her tour through Japan, China and Taiwan, play her first gig in Berghain, and perform at the final Nachtdigital, her past year has been – for obvious reasons – a little more introspective than anticipated.

Her mix for Patterns of Perception fittingly explores the torn and disconnected states recent events have thrown us into, magnifying and intertwining with the still, introverted atmospheres of deep winter.

Tiptoeing on reminiscences of club nights past, this mix sketches subtle lines between different places, spaces, moods, and times, while also bringing together a number of tracks that have been accompanying Lux on her travels for years, never before quite meeting the opportunity to find their place in a mix.


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