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76 - Patrick Russell

With a style forged in the ’90s Midwest rave scene, Patrick Russell's Detroit-bred origins are still very much on show today. Now based in New York, he has found a harmony between retaining his acid-driven musical influences and broadening his palette towards the deeper and more psychedelic. A Bunker New York resident and Labyrinth Festival regular, and still a key figure of Detroit’s famed No Way Back parties, Patrick has gained what borders on legendary status within the international electronic music community through a combination of integrity, hard work and uncompromising ability to weave storytelling into his work as both DJ and producer.

Like many artists, his recent selections have ventured away from the dance floor – with the COVID era offering a freedom of exploration that’s on full show in his Patterns of Perception 76. Of the mix, Patrick says: “For some time now, I’ve been sitting on a number of tracks around the 75/150 BPM axis that I’ve been dying to play, and wanted to do so without venturing into full-on techno or electro. This seemed like the right opportunity to present them, and also throw in a few curve balls while I was at it. Challenge accepted.”

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