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75 - Myles Mac

Myles Mac is perhaps best known as co-founder and curator of trusted electronic music platform and mix series Melbourne Deepcast, but his list of credentials stretches much longer than that. A fixture of Melbourne’s underground for the past decade, Myles has cemented his reputation as a respected DJ and curator through both Melbourne Deepcast and his famed Lost Weekend club nights. His eclectic and diverse selections - both as an individual DJ and as one half of the 90s house duo Project 95 - have meanwhile earned him space on lineups across Australia and overseas.

While Myles, like many of us, has found a sense of calm in downtempo and ambient music the last few months, in his Patterns of Perception 75 he switches gears. Here, Myles seamlessly fuses some of his favourite fast, spacey techno and energised broken rhythms with moments of pure, atmospheric euphoria. The resulting hour and a half feels like a triumphant return to the club: offering both a brief escape from our current moment and a much needed reminder of the energy that can only be created by a dance floor in full flow.


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