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73 - Eversines

Hardly a newcomer, Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Eversines, has been working on the scene’s periphery for more than a decade. As a co-organiser of Dutch label De Lichting, he has truly immersed himself within music, garnering his own sound with a kinetic verve and dream-like quality. In 2019, the artist saw his first debut release with Wex Records, followed by a solo EP and an LP in collaboration with theremin player, Carolina Eyck, on Ye Yeh. More recently, he has teamed up with Kalahari Oyster Cult to deliver ‘Plooi’.

In true Eversines form, Patterns of Perception 73 is a diverse compilation, comprised solely of the artist’s own music. Weaving his house-leaning productions with lucid, down-tempo beats, this mix conjures a longing for those beloved after hour moments, which for now, are safely guarded by our memories.


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