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72 - Tammo Hesselink

Growing up in one of the Netherlands' quieter nooks, Tammo Hesselink’s unwavering passion for music saw him spend countless hours of his youth in his attic, digging, researching and building up a profoundly deep knowledge and love of electronic music. Eventually, this singular passion lead Tammo out of his attic and into his local record store “Deeptrax”, where the guys behind the counter helped to refine his taste further, indoctrinating him to the sounds of Chicago, Detroit, Berlin and The Hague. Over time, Tammo very naturally found himself working at the store, where his taste continued to both deepen and expand, with a growing appreciation for a diverse range of sounds including UK-centred post-dubstep, leading to the distinctive, genre-bending approach he is known for today. As a producer, Tammo has developed an outstanding body of work under a range of alias’ since the mid-2010’s, first releasing via his own imprint “The Invariants” before seeing his music published on famed Dutch platforms Delsin Records and Nous'klaer Audio in more recent years. Although there may be variations in sound and approach between his projects, one constant is a solid sense for warm, resonant groove which filters through the many aspects of his music - from light-hearted arpeggiated synths, to organic, intricately programmed percussion. Tammo carries this same quality into his DJ sets, which has enabled him to take the stage at events such as Breakfast Club and Dekmantel Selectors, and also to become a resident at the now sadly closed De School. This rhythmically diverse mix for Patterns of Perception channels Tammo’s inimitable sound and musical insight, building from a deep, measured beginning, before gathering energy and momentum further into the mix. The result is a fiercely arresting 83 minutes of music that takes the listener on a winding narrative journey through varied and utterly compelling club music. Tammo's Links: SoundCloud Facebook Instagram Resident Advisor


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