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71 - Vivian Koch

The beautiful German word Tausendsassa (which translates to “jack of all trades” in English) feels like a perfectly apt term to describe the deep and wide-reaching artistic talent of Vivian Koch. Based in Berlin, her growing presence has been felt across the city - and the wider scene - since the inception of her interdisciplinary arts collective Olympe Fatale in 2017. Encompassing DJs, musicians, visual artists and designers, the collective found a fitting home base at the lauded and much loved Berlin institution Griessmuehle, where they hosted memorable performances from the likes of Cosmin TRG, Minor Science, Don Williams, Upsammy and VC-118a.

As a highly skilled producer in her own right, Vivian’s distinctive voice is both rich and emotive. Finding a foundation in electro-driven percussion and rhythms, her music dives still deeper, diverging from standard club fare and embracing textured, melancholic synths and non-linear narrative storytelling. With releases on Don Williams’ A.R.T.less Records, and Danny Daze’s Omnidisc, Vivian has cemented her place as a breakout producer with a compelling story to tell.

With Patterns of Perception 71, Vivian has taken a step back to piece together a textured, delicate ambient soundscape comprising of favourites, both new and old. Driven by a feeling that the world has remained as noisy and loud a place as ever - despite the recent chance to regroup and reflect - Vivian wanted to create a musical refuge of hope, calm and peace to inspire escape and rejuvenation.

Composed of a palette of natural, experimental textures, delicate instrumentation and subtle, uplifting melodies, this mix is a beautiful, indelibly optimistic journey that absolutely delivers on its goal: to soothe the heart and mind through challenging times.


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