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69 - Citizen Maze

Citizen Maze, a.k.a. Adam McCoy, is among the most interesting talents to emerge from Melbourne in recent years. As an artist, much of his work explores the interplay between ambient sounds, acoustic instrumentation and dance music, creating lush, beautiful compositions which also find a natural fit as sophisticated club pieces.

This approach was perfectly highlighted in his 2018 release on Analogue Attic, Serenity In The Woods. Produced using a gaming laptop, a motorised Beringher mixer, and Fruity Loops, this EP showcases richly textured, intricate soundscapes, and blended field recordings with organically percussive grooves and live instrumental elements - all drenched in some of the most sublime-sounding pads we’ve had the pure pleasure of hearing.

On the horizon for 2020-21 is the release of a second EP on Analogue Attic, plus the launch of Adam's own label, Mirror Tapes, which promises to delve deeper into the intersection of ambient sounds, dance music and experimental sound design.

This mix for Patterns of Perception, recorded alone at home on a stormy isolation-period night, also showcases Adam’s masterful attention to texture and soundscape, but in rhythmical terms brings more energy and intensity. Seemingly effortless shifts between tempos and genres flow organically, yet never muddy the distinctive atmosphere – both industrial and dreamy – present throughout the recording.


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