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68 - Woody92

Woody92’s upbringing in Delft, wedged between the much-larger and musically more iconic cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, gave him glimpses of psychedelic techno, mystical ambient, free tribal tekno, push-forward goa and psy-trance that influenced his musical development, while also allowing him the space to grow and explore on his own musical terms. Now a respected DJ at home and abroad, his ability to capture an audience while remaining true to his experimental dispositions is unparalleled and unwavering. Meanwhile, his visual art and fashion studies at the Art Academy in The Hague have sharpened a visual aesthetic that runs in parallel with his musical development, going some way to explaining the rich visual imagery that his musical work is able to generate.

With residencies at Garage Noord and, before it sadly closed its doors earlier this year, De School, Woody92 has left a deep mark on the Dutch underground scene, thanks to his truly unique syntheses of the meditative, tribal, transcendental, and trippy. All of these influences can be heard (and perhaps – if you close your eyes – seen) in his Patterns of Perception 68, with its deep and glitchy rhythms combining with trippy and more experimental sounds to create a deeply intelligent and intricately arranged selection, bridging textured experimental with propulsive techno, breaks and beyond.


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