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65 - Suski

As an exciting fixture of the vibrant Helsinki scene, Suski is a selector who is driven by an intuitive and curious nature. While her sound finds a solid twin foundation in both minimal and dub techno, her explorations go much further, with her vivid, psychedelic selections offering both tension and release. Throughout her years on the circuit, a reverence for collective unity has not only inspired her thrilling, versatile sets but has also seen her take the stage at Helsinki institutions such as Post Bar, Kaiku and Flow Festival. Outside the club setting, Suski is co-founder of Electronic Market - a booking agency and collective which seeks to increase awareness of and provide support for underrepresented artists in the electronic music industry.

Suski’s Patterns of Perception 65 both embraces and celebrates diversity as an intricately and intuitively crafted tapestry of moods, textures and sounds. Covering genres as far flung as IDM, dubstep, house - and of course minimal and dub techno - these 73 minutes are an unpredictable and rousing inner voyage that matches deep, subtle textures with soulful, bright grooves from decades past. Scattered throughout are sonic postcards from close friends and counterparts from Suski’s beloved Helsinki scene. Combined, these act as a tribute to the city and the dynamic talent at its core.


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