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64 - Andu Simion

Born in Ploiesti, Romania, on the cusp of the Romanian Revolution, Andu Simion’s artistic vision, which encompasses both music and photography, is shaped by the grey blocks of his childhood neighbourhood, industrialisation, and the remnants of a communist era that was receding just as he was arriving in the world. Influenced by the Romanian minimal movement, he has crafted his own distinctive talent for crafting deep, acid-infused journeys.

With releases on Atipic, Insound Recordings, Particular, Palinoia, Stela Music and Polen, Simion is also one third of Lisiere Collectif, which he founded with Bogdan Ardeleanu and Dan Gheorghe.

His Patterns of Perception 64 emerges from the aftermath of the sudden loss of his father some weeks ago. The intensity and energy of this set is marked by turmoil and introspection, with higher BPMs and more aggressive mixes reflective of the grief he has been facing. Simion has had this selection of music on repeat since his father’s passing, using its energy to carry him forwards and out into the sunlight again.

Andu Simion's Links: SoundCloud Facebook Instagram Lisiere Collectif on SoundCloud

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