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63 - VC-118A

Samuel van Dijk a.k.a. VC-118A’s achingly beautiful melancholic moods and roomy, absorbing grooves have distinguished him as one of the Netherlands’ most compelling talents.

With releases on Delsin Records, Frustrated Funk, Tabernacle Records, Astral Industries and Silent Season, van Dijk’s productions play with contrasting textures and moods to construct distinctive soundscapes fusing elements of electro, techno, dub, and ambient. His thrilling, immersive performances at Tresor and Griessmuehle (Berlin), Fuse (Brussels), Concrete (Paris) and Trouw (Amsterdam), as well as festivals such as Parallel Festival under his numerous aliases (VC-118A, Mohlao, Multicast Dynamics) have further cemented his status as a master craftsman, his unique sound eluding classification.

Van Dijk’s Patterns of Perception 63 sees him strip the VC-118A sound back to the essentials, blending contrasting elements in a science-fiction inspired exploration of distant, abstract worlds, decompression, and escape. This stark, intricately-realised and captivating ambient-focused selection takes the listener to distant, eerily familiar and hauntingly beautiful places.


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