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62 - Resom

You might already be familiar with Resom’s story: originally from the German state of Thuringia, she started out throwing parties in abandoned spaces in Leipzig, the city that was central to her musical education. Since moving to Berlin, she’s found a home as a resident DJ at ://about blank. Along the way, she’s become a prominent voice in the electronic music scene, both musically and politically, believing the politics is as important to expression and communication as the music itself.

Her Patterns of Perception 62 is part of a sound triptych of three connected mixes, a series that both explores and reflects her feelings about this difficult collective moment of ours. Unlike the diverse and eclectic party sets for which she has become known, here she takes it down a gear and delivers an ambient mix embedded in nature - offering up the perfect soundtrack for a walk in the woods, a long meditative run, or just quiet home reflection as we adjust to the new world order.


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