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61 - Mattheis

Growing up in the countryside of the Netherlands, Matthijs Verschuure found himself surrounded by endless polder horizons, green fields and the sea. It didn’t take long however for Mattheis to find his residence in the industrial harbour town of Rotterdam, where he further developed his synthesizer explorations and crafted his propulsive, hypnotic sound.

The Nous'klaer Audio mainstay signed his first release “Isms” with the label in early 2013, followed by a handful of EP’s, remixes and two studio-albums; “Kindred Phenomena” (2016) and “Thin Sections” (2018). His most recent works include collaborations with French label Ahrpe Records founder Amandra, plus a solo EP “A Falcon’s Eyrie” (2020).

Mattheis' Patterns of Perception 61 expands on his modus operandi in the studio, featuring rolling waves of insistent rhythms drenched in a deep ambience of atmospheric sounds, with a focus on subtle changes serving the greater whole of the recording.


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