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60 - Antonio Giova

Hailing from Naples and well-known as one half of natural/electronic.system, Antonio Giova is a selector and producer of unparalleled talent and vision. Over the course of a career spanning over 1.5 decades, and which includes a tight relationship with the esteemed record label Tikita, a collaboration with Neel, and key performances at festivals such as Labyrinth, Waking Life and Parallel, Antonio has developed a unique sense of texture, atmosphere and narrative which glows deeply in both his productions and his mixes.

Based on his set from our Winter Edition party at ://about.blank in late-February 2020, Antonio let his intuition guide him with this Patterns of Perception 60. The outcome is somehow both raw and seamless, a vignette of ethereal proportions: eternal and infinite, timeless and dimensionless.

Antonio Giova's Links: SoundCloud Facebook Resident Advisor


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