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53 - Lapien

Hailing from the Netherlands and now based in Berlin, Nick Lapien (aka Lapien) is a DJ and producer whose sounds encapsulate delicate and detailed grooves, combined with an unwavering understanding of what makes dance floors oscillate. Perhaps best known as one half of Artefakt alongside Cyspe (aka Robin Koek), Lapien has also enjoyed a prolific solo career, with releases on labels such as Fred P’s Soul-People Music, DVS1 ’s Mistress Records and Radio Slave’s Rekids. Although recent years have seen him focus mostly on his work with Artefakt, early 2019 saw a return to solo form for him with a stunning debut EP on cult Moroccan label Tikita.

Lapien's Patterns of Perception 53 is a rhythmic excursion that journeys between deep, percussive grooves and mind expanding house-oriented reflections, both punctuated and anchored by the understated energy and momentum that he calls his own.


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