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109 - Israel Vines

Israel Vines is an esteemed DJ and producer with a career spanning nearly three decades. After spending his formative years in the musically fertile American Midwest during the mid-nineties, Vines settled in LA where his distinctive vision has continued to take shape. Channeling both the rebelliousness of early techno, punk & hip-hop and the sleek futurism of the modern electronic music soundscape, Vines' sound is uncompromising and sophisticated all at once.

Appearances at key venues across the US and Europe, alongside releases on Tresor and Interdimensional Transmissions sub-label Eye Teeth have seen Vines further hone his adventurous, off-kilter and impeccably refined sensibilities.

Fluttering between 85-170BPM, Israel Vines' Patterns of Perception 109 mirrors the contrasts in his own singular sound. Low-slung grooves roll as vivid rhythms take hold. Sleek sound design shimmers amongst a field of warm, effervescent textures. Layer upon layer of percussion illuminating a roiling jungle of emotion and energy.


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