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108 - Loek Frey

As a producer, Loek Frey is amongst the most exciting voices to have emerged from the influential Dutch scene in recent times. Balancing intricate experimental with abstract elements of IDM and techno, Loek’s sound is both compelling and forward-thinking.

His recent LP release on Woody92’s Omen Wapta is the perfect embodiment of this sound, slipping gracefully between hallucinatory sound design and irresistibly propellant rhythms. With other releases slated for release this year, Loek finds himself in an ascendant moment.

Consisting of unreleased solo and collaborative works, Loek Frey’s Patterns of Perception 108 feels like a glimpse into the future. Winding combinations of reflective and vibrant energies counter and build, illuminating an engrossing yet unpredictable flow. Clusters of intuitively sequenced beats writhe beneath constellations of alien-like glitches. Unsettling textures diffused by shimmering crystalline sophistication.


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