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105 - KMRU

Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, is a sound artist and experimental ambient musician, raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and currently based in Berlin. Recent years have seen KMRU find a place amongst the most stirring voices within the experimental music space, courtesy of his distinctive usage and combination of field recordings, noise, ambient textures and expansive hypnotic drones. A luminous presence within the scene, KMRU has garnered critical acclaim not only for releases on the likes of Warp Records, Editions Mego and Subtext Recordings, but also for his live performances, which have seen him take the stage at high-profile events across Europe and the globe.

KMRU’s Patterns of Perception 105 is a poised and evocative passage which floats gracefully between delicate instrumentation, melodic phrasing and abstract ambient textures. Sparked by recent inspirations and experiences, this indelible set embraces peace, stillness and vibrance in equal measure, coming together as a carefully divined tapestry - meditative and shimmering.


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