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103 - HOMI

Before the pandemic began, two members of our collective, Steve Duncan and Kim Bergstrand, went to a techno party together in Helsinki where they saw a standout live set from local artist HOMI. In Steve’s words, his sound came across as delicate, detailed and psychedelic, yet also with groove and power. They connected with HOMI (real name Harri Homi) afterwards, setting the wheels in motion for the second release on the Patterns of Perception label.

In the lead up to the release of HOMI’s Välitila EP on November 4, we’re excited to share the recording of a recent live jam Harri recorded at his studio in Helsinki. This jam is reflective of his distinctive sound, gliding from moments of lean, Detroit-infused energy into rolling, kaleidoscopic vistas tinged with (more than) a hint of acid. But what feels even clearer during these 55 minutes is Harri's improvisational and intuitive approach, which takes us on a free-flowing journey that's both unpredictable and irresistible.


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