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102 - A Walking Contradiction

Remember Chinese Whispers, Stille Post or Rikkinäinen Puhelin? That children’s game, known all over the world, that illustrates the difficulties of transmitting information, but which also reveals the creativity of discontinuous conversation? It feels like the Patterns of Perception and A Walking Contradiction collectives have been in such a conversation for the past years across a multitude of label nights, private hangouts, and shared festival experiences.

Based in Basel, Switzerland but unhinged from national contexts, A Walking Contradiction is a label for music and research. Curated by Varuna, Lemont and Dead Electronic Space Limited (Dead Electronic Space Limited), the collective share a penchant for beats - broken and straight - yet can't help but churn out music for the quiet hours. A deeply reflective group, you’ll find snippets of their conversations on social, political, economic, and environmental issues hidden in sounds or in plain sight on the sleeves of their records.

Compiled entirely from new and unreleased material, their Patterns of Perception 102 is but the latest product of interlocutions and whispers between Basel, Berlin, Helsinki and the world in general, paying tribute to the significance of community where the legitimacy of commons is increasingly impugned. Levitating within a field of sophisticated textures and percussion, this set burns slowly, but with a luminescent intensity. Angular experimental ambience builds into winding, complex rhythms. Inspired minds elevate delicate melancholia into a true sense of hope.


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