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101 - Solid Traveller

Meeting in Berlin in 2014, Julia Lipniewicz (Toxido Mask) & Sarah Kranz (Saramé) quickly found a harmonious connection between sound & spirituality. This formed a solid, mutually supportive base that allowed them to build their collaborative & personal practices across the arts, complimented by their studies in sound design & engineering.

As Solid Traveller, the duo’s collaborative live sets are propelled by the symbiotic flow of their back-to-back recordings - each section representing a certain moment, mood or influence that they take with them into the studio. A respect for contrasts leads their sessions as euphoric pieces melt into grittier sections, morphing the textures of the composition into both rewarding and somewhat challenging moments for the listener.

For Patterns of Perception 101, the duo have crafted an exclusive live set which embodies their practice of improvisation, manifestation and creation. Both profound and deeply meditative, this remarkable work flows effortlessly through different dimensions, simmering with a slow-burning energy all of its own.

Gear used: AcidLab Miami 808 Analog Rytm Cirklon Sequentix Eventide H7600 Jomox Modbase Modal Argon8 Mutible Instruments Elements Roland 606 Sherman Filterbank Syncussion Vermona Perfourmer Virus Access Darkstar


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